7 tips to increase metabolism

Losing excess body weight is something which everybody wants to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle but however is not an easy task to accomplish at it takes a lot of patience and personal determination. While there are arguably a lot of factors including diet and exercise that determine how fit and healthy an individual is, the true secret actually lie in increasing your body’s metabolic rate.

Metabolism is a basic but important chemical processs carried out by the body through which it processes food intake and turns this into energy for the body to make use of. The rate at which this process is carried out determines how fast the body produces and consumes energy.

Essentially, a slow metabolism will burn food slowly and store body fat cells for future use while a fast metabolism will lead to more calories being burnt through your food intake. Therefore while a slow metabolism will lead to someone getting fat, a fast metabolism will helps to lose body fat.

Metabolism which is measured in calories has three major components which comprises of the following:

  1. Resting metabolic rate refers to the amount of energy the body uses to keep all its system running efficiently everyday. It is the energy that is used for breathing, blood circulation, functioning of the heart, brain, kidney and all other organs and cells in the body. It accounts for about 70% of our daily energy consumption.
  2. Metabolism of activity involves the energy we burn when we engage in physical activities such as walking, exercising, stair climbing and even standing upright. This accounts for 20% of the daily energy consumption.
  3. Thermic effect of food which is the energy spent in the process of eating, digesting, and absorbing food. 10% of our daily energy consumption goes into this process.

While a lot of factors such as age, heredity, gender and thyroid disorder generally affects an individual’s metabolism rate, below are some useful strategies through which you can effectively increase your metabolism, burn fat faster and thus lose more weight.

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1. Eat Breakfast and Never Starve Yourself

Breakfast is generally regarded as the most important meal of the day and therefore you should avoid skipping breakfast. Waiting until mid morning or afternoon to eat breakfast will cause your metabolism to run slower.

Also, avoiding meals and eating too much are both extreme dieting habits that should be avoided when attempting to effectively lose weight. When you avoid meals or do not eat enough, your body experiences hunger pangs and goes into ‘starvation mode’ which essentially slows down your metabolism.

2. Eat Small Meals More Frequently

Eating smaller meals or healthy snacks spaced out through the day will help keep your blood sugar stable and provide you with enough energy to keep you active througout the day.

Eat about five or six meals in a day if possible. Look at what you currently consume in a day and divide this up into about five or six smaller rations rather than consuming it in just three big meals. Extending the time between meals causes the body to go into ‘starvation mode’, therefore allow about 2 to 4 hours between meals.

3. Eat More Protein

The body generally uses up more energy to breakdown and release energy from high quality low fat protein than it uses for breaking down energy from sugar or fat. Protein is also essential in building body muscle. So add more lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts and bean with each meal to increase your metabolism.

4. Drink More Cold Water

Water is the main component of the humand and over 90% of the body’s chemical reactions take place in water and therefore an inadequate supply will make all the body systems to slow causing unnecessary stress. Water is also necessary to flush out toxins and waste from the body.

Drinking ice cold water forces the body to use up extra energy in warming the water to normal body temperature before using it. Therefore drink about 8 or more glasses of water every day. Although the impact from drinking water on your weight loss efforts might be minimal it is nonetheless a good habit to adopt due to its cleansing effects.

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5. Weight Train and Build Lean Muscles

Increasing your body’s lean muscle mass and decreasing fat is a fast way to lose weight. The more muscles the body has, the more energy it will use in maintaining the muscles thus burning more calories and reducing body fat.

Weight training will stimulate and boost the growth of muscle tissues through the constant resistance of the weights. Also, the the body continues burning fat even after leaving the gym because the more muscles you build, the higher your resting metabolic rate (RMR) – the rate at which you burn fat when you are resting – which incidentally accounts for almost 60 to 70 of your daily calorie consumption.

6. Increase Your High Intensity Cardio Exercises

Generally, the amount and intensity of physical activity determines its health benefits as they require different amount of energy consumption. While harder and shorter high intensity exercises have better effect in increasing the body’s metabolic rate, the important thing is to make sure that you raise your heart rate and sustain the activity for about twenty minutes.

While lighter activities burn only a modest amount of calories, moderate-intensity exercises are best suited for general weight loss and cardiovascular fitness.

7. Increase the Amount of Physical Activities

Try to keep yourself more active by picking yourself up and doing things that you normally would not want to do like parking further away and walking to the office, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, riding a bike instead of driving, walk to the corner store instead of driving and standing up from your desk and walk round the office every once in a while. The more physically active you become through these little activities, the more you will be forcing your body to burn calories and thus increasing your metabolism.