does drinking water aid weight loss

Water is the very essence of life and while we are constantly being reminded to drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis, many simply do not know why this suggestion is ever so often given. And when it comes to whether water does actually help with weight loss, the more unaware and confused people are about this phenomenon.

The simple truth is that it is highly possible to achieve significant amount of weight loss by drinking water and in fact it is one of the most underrated howbeit free weight loss mechanism available to mankind. The fact is that most people do not drink enough amount of water in order to reap the tremendous benefits of water in their weight loss efforts. Water is nature’s underrated "magic elixir" for weight loss.

Many people simply overlook the benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water to help them lose weight probably because it sounds just too good to be true especially when you are talking about something that is so free and common around us. However, this is one exception where you need to realize that despite sounding too good to be true, drinking sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis can actually help you to lose a significant amount of weight.

The human body with all its component parts of blood, bones, muscles, and fat, is nonetheless largely made up of water. Water constitutes about 45% to 75% of total body weight with most of the variability being primarily related to the differences in individual body fat composition as well as the age and gender of the individual.

Fat-free mass is 70% to 75% water while body fat is 10% to 40% water indicating that fat cells contain very little amount of water. This therefore indicates that that having higher levels of body fat automatically reduces an individual’s overall percentage of body water. For healthy lean adult men, the percentage of total body water often quoted is 60% while being quoted at 50% for women. Women have a lower body water percentage because they are less muscular and so have smaller fat-free mass.

After the oxygen we breathe so freely, water is the next most important nutrient required by the human body for its survival. Water can therefore be regarded as the most valuable nutrient you can provide your body with on a daily basis. While it is possible for you to go on an hour hunger "strike" and survive for several days and weeks, it is near impossible to survive without water for just a few days.

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Generally, water is involved in so many processes that takes place in the human body and is also a by-product of some of these processes. In the body, water is capable of dissolving simple elements, ions and large organic molecules and thus acts as a medium for various enzymatic and chemical reactions that takes place in the body that would otherwise not be possible in other forms.

Water can also be said to be very vital to digestion and metabolism. Water helps the body to regulate its temperature; lubricate the joints for more effective exercising; transport nutrients and oxygen to cells in the body through the blood while particularly boosting the bioavailability of plant nutrients; and also helps to reduce toxicity in the body by flushing toxins out and cleansing the body.

Obviously, for our survival we need to drink the right amount of water on a daily basis but when it comes to achieving permanent weight loss, drinking plenty of water will help you burn more body fat in a more effective and efficient way.

So what is the real secret behind why drinking plenty of water on a daily basis helps to lose weight? In this article we examine how water actually aids weight loss through the following mechanisms.

Proper Kidney and Liver Functioning

Part of the major functions of the liver is to breakdown and to metabolize (burn) fat for energy. It is therefore important to understand that water is partially involved with the proper functioning of the liver due to the fact that water is an important constituent of bile – a yellowish green fluid produced in the liver – which plays an essential role in emulsification of fats.

The kidney naturally needs a lot of water to rid the body of toxic waste products that build up from various metabolic processes of the body. In a state of dehydration or as a result of inadequate daily water consumption, toxic waste may not be properly flushed out of the body leading to increased body toxicity.

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Once the body communicates this water-deprived state of the kidneys to the liver, the liver picks up the slack of the kidneys and turns its concentration to water retention and elimination of toxins from the body instead of burning fat.

As a result of this ‘distraction’ or extra tax on the liver, the overall productivity of the liver in terms of burning fat is significantly reduced as it can no longer metabolize fat as efficiently as it normally does when the kidneys are functioning optimally in a state of proper hydration through adequate daily water intake. As a result, you are not only unnecessarily taxing the liver but equally promoting the storage of unwanted body fat.

Prevents Body Water Retention

When an individual does not drink sufficient amount of water on a regular basis, the body as a self-preservation mechanism against dehydration assumes a state of drought and starts holding onto its already stored water reserves as well as conserving as much as possible of the water intake it receives.

It is also important to realize at this point that it is actually dehydration that causes the body to hold onto the water it already has and not an abundance of water. This is partly why most of the extra weight and inches people have on their bodies is due to stored body water around their belly, thighs, arms, etc. which often makes them look bloated.

Drinking sufficient amounts of water on a regular basis helps the body to de-sensitize itself of the feeling of drought or panic and stops holding onto water as it now believes it will continue to be regularly hydrated. The body subsequently starts letting go of the water it has been holding onto and this consequently leads to a significant drop in pounds.

However, when you initially start increasing your daily water intake, you may start noticing the need to frequent the bathroom more often. While this can be somewhat discomforting, it should be noted that it is a normal process of the body’s adjustment to the increased water intake due to the bladder’s hypersensitivity to increased fluids.

What the body is actually doing during these first few weeks of increased water intake is simply riding itself of the water it has been storing during its assumed state of drought. On reaching a breakthrough point, the bladder will calm down and the body will stop flushing out stored water and you will start urinating less frequently but in larger amounts.

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Suppresses Appetite

Water normally fills you up and thus acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Interestingly, several studies have shown that the feeling of hunger and thirst go together and that the brain cannot effectively differentiate between the two since in both cases, your body is requesting for something to fill the available empty space in your stomach.

So next time when you might be feeling hungry, remember that your body might simply just be indicating that it is feeling dehydrated and thirsty. Instead of reaching for a snack when next you feel hungry, try substituting it with a glass of water and wait for about 15 minutes to see if the pangs subside.

Increases Metabolism

Water plays a very significant role in the process of metabolism since it is needed by several enzymes, hormones and proteins that regulate energy and fat metabolism. Dehydration can however slow the body’s metabolism resulting in reduced energy levels which make exercising and other physical activities less effective and in fact boring.

Several studies have also shown that water can actually help to increase the body’s metabolism. Adequate water intake allows the enzymes in the body to more effectively breakdown ingested food allowing for more calories to be burnt thus providing the body with more energy. Increased water intake also increases energy levels by serving as a medium through the blood through which nutrients are readily transported and delivered to body cells that need energy.

Obviously drinking plenty of water and achieving permanent weight loss are two inseparable phenomena. While providing overflowing vitality and energy throughout the day and increased liver and kidney functions, daily drinking of plenty of water undoubtedly helps to reduce your waistline as you create and achieve the permanent weight loss of your dreams.