identifying the best fat burner pills

Identifying the best fat burning supplement to use is not an easy decision to make as a lot variables have to be taken into consideration to arrive at a comprehensive decision.

To make the decision of which fat burners are the best and which is best for you, you will need to have a very clear understanding of what fat burners are and how they work, what they are made from and who made the supplement you are considering purchasing. Also to be taken into context is the skepticism about weight loss products in general and how these might affect your better judgment.

What are Fat Burners and how do they work?

Fat burners (thermogenics) are simply and essentially a type of diet supplements and as the name implies are meant to supplement (complement) your diet in order to achieve a set physiological goal which in this case is weight loss. Fat burners can therefore be said to be weight loss catalyst or more appropriately accelerators that help individuals reach their weight loss targets faster.

It is impossible to lose weight under any circumstance if there is no substantial calorie/energy deficit. Therefore for fat burners to be effective, they have to be used together with a calorie-controlled nutritional plan and appropriate workout program. By taking a fat burner along with a recommended daily calorie intake, a calorie deficit can be achieved since you will be using up more calories than you are taking in.

This basically forces fat cells to release stored body fat into the blood stream as energy fuel and thus causing a weight loss. Fat burners achieve this through serving as a diuretic, increasing metabolism, influencing fat cells to release their stored fats into the bloodstream and also by enhancing stamina.

What are Fat Burners made from?

The potency of any food supplement is fundamentally a function of its constituent ingredients. Fat burners are essentially diet supplements which contain certain herbal ingredients like Chitosan, Chromium, Pyruvate, HCA (Hydroxycitrate), and Ehpedra (banned by the United State’s FDA in 2004) all which either attempts to stimulate metabolism, increase energy and/or suppress the appetite of an individual.

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Like most other forms of Alternative Medicine, the medical world still holds the view that fat burners are not effective in weight reduction mainly because they feel that these supplements need further studies to clinically ascertain their true effectiveness.

This view however, is suspect, because while most are very promising in reducing excess body fat, the pharmaceuticals giants have to a large extent refused to pursue further studies on their supplements. This was the same opinion they held for many years towards Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) before its effectiveness started gaining general acceptance and today is now being offered at college degree levels even in the United States.

On the other hand, a lot of weight loss supplements do not work simply because they are nothing more than ‘glorified caffeine pills’. They essentially have a very high dosage of caffeine as their main ingredient while masquerading a long list of other ingredients of ‘token doses’ on the product label.

The use of caffeine in such fat burner productions will significantly reduce the effective of the product in a short period of time as the body will soon develop a resistance against the effect of the caffeine. This is evident in fat burners that contain pure/synthetic caffeine as they usually have a more intense but short stimulatory effect on the nervous system. This is what often causes an "energy slump".

A good fat burner must therefore have a balanced ‘thermogenic profile’. It should also consist of all natural ingredients (herbal and fruit extracts), have these ingredients in therapeutic levels, and should not have an excessive caffeine content.

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Your safety therefore should be a thing of concern here because some fat burning supplements may pose a small health risk due to the fact that many of them work by stimulating the central nervous system through some of their active ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract. If you are in any way sensitive to any of these substances, they may have some unwanted side effects when you make use of them.

What are the Manufacturing and Clinical Testing Standards

Since most food supplements especially weight loss supplements are not required by law in the United States to go through rigorous testing, there as been proliferation of substandard products in the market. Without this rigorous testing requirement, the levels of ingredients included in a supplement may not meet what is often stated on the product label.

Therefore, one good criteria for knowing which products are the best in the market will be how long the company has been into production and if they have any manufacturing certifications like obtainable in Australia TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) which regulates all products that comes with label claims.

Also, the fact that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with a never ending barrage of weight loss supplements, fad diets and bariatric surgeries brings with it a lot of confusion about weight loss products and their quality. The glitz of most of the marketing campaigns are in most cases designed to do nothing more than to confuse the consumers.

Therefore, you need to discountenance the hype surrounding fat burning supplements and come to an objective decision centering on the facts behind the supplements in question.

With all said and done, the cold fact remains that there are no ‘magic pills’ which can instantly make excess body fat just disappear on their own. There is need for a firm commitment to a daily reduced calorie diet and regular exercise supplemented with fat burners to help you achieve your weight loss target.