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Most people who desire to lose weight are often in the habit of blaming their slow metabolism for their inability to lose the excess pounds. Others have equally resorted to quick weight loss solutions which experience has shown only offer temporary weight loss as with time the pounds gradually creep back again.

However, understanding that while your metabolism plays a major role in your overall ability to effectively lose weight, it is something that is shaped over time mostly based on your lifestyle – the habits and activities you engage in. Therefore metabolism has more to do with your overall lifestyle choices and actions rather than just genetic factors.

Holistically, it is far better to view metabolism as only one piece of the weight loss puzzle and that metabolism can be effectively increased in the long term by making the right lifestyle choices.

Here are some healthy lifestyle habits to help you achieve long term metabolism increases.

Eat Healthy Well-Balanced Diets

What you eat and how you do it affect both your metabolism and mood, making your feel either energetic or sluggish. Therefore one of the best ways to get a faster metabolism is to always eat many small well-balanced meals throughout the day and controlling your calorie intake.

Plan to eat between 4-6 meals containing both lean protein and fiber to keep your metabolism elevated for much longer. Eating a breakfast high in protein and fiber will prevent you from eating more during the day.

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Sleep More

Having trouble sleeping and not getting enough sleep can both negatively affect your metabolism rate because they deprive you of the energy you need to breakdown food efficiently, particularly carbohydrates.

It is not only the duration of your sleep (recommended is 7-8 hours a day) that matters but also the quality which has more to do with your sleep patterns based on your understanding of and consistency with your natural wakefulness.

Relax More

Emotional or physical stress stimulates the body to increase the level of stress hormones especially cortisol and adrenaline into the body which over time can become catabolic as the body starts breaking down energy stores to provide a greater supply of energy if needed. Catabolism is often associated with causing premature aging and cardiovascular diseases and often makes it difficult to build enough muscle or strength.

Regular Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling or jumping rope have a very positive effect on raising your metabolic rate both during and after your workout. The harder you exercise during your workouts thus increasing your heart rate, the more likely your cardiovascular system will supply more oxygen to your cells to burn more fat for energy to sustain your workout. This will also make you burn more calories for several hours after your workout activity.

Weight Training

Muscles generally burn more calories than fat and the more lean muscles you have the faster your metabolism will be. Since weight training is the best way to build muscle tissue (not necessarily bulking up like weight lifters), you simply have to include this in your workout.

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Weight training achieves this effect by first raising your body’s temperature, increasing your metabolism on its own, and then helps you build muscle tissues which also increase your metabolism even while resting.

Give Up Smoking and Excessive Alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are filled with calories just as much as most sugary soft drinks. There are also studies which indicate that the drinking of alcohol during meals actually encourages over-eating. Cigarettes on the other hand, contain nicotine which like its counterpart caffeine, are known to temporarily increase metabolism but has far greater side effects than benefits.

Drink More Water

While water is a great appetite suppressant, drinking about eight glasses per day will also help you boost your digestion by improving the emptying of the stomach and intestines and also reduction of gas, bloating and constipation. This process also flushes out sodium and toxins from the body.

Lack of sufficient water in the body makes you feel hungry as it’s one of the body’s signals to want food (and the water that comes from those foods). Having a colorless or yellow urine indicates that you are drinking enough water and if any darker, you need to increase your water intake.