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  • Fast Weight Loss Is More Water Than Fat

    quick weight loss is mostly water

    One interesting thing about most weight loss methods is the fact that they produce a rapid loss of weight in the first few days and weeks of use. This often makes dieters feel confident that they are at last on the right track and that they will be finally able to stick to the program and lose all the unwanted body weight. Howbeit, may people fail to realize that losing weight is actually easy, but that losing body fat is not at all that easy.

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  • Importance of Fats in Body Functioning

    fats and the human body

    It is very interesting to the see the way everybody seem to be pointing accusing fingers at "fat" as being the major cause of their gaining extra body weight. This nonetheless essential macronutrient has been and continues to be grossly misunderstood by a generality of the public as being simply bad for their health. Therefore to most people, fat in general must be avoided in order to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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  • The Health Risks of Excess Body Fat

    Lose Weight NowOne fact that cannot be denied today is the fact that most people’s motivation for losing weight is more related to improving their physical appearance than any other singular purpose. While this might be important, it is however more important to carefully consider the other benefits of weight loss achieved through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Read more…