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  • How to Recognize a Fad Diet

    fad diets and weight loss

    Most people today are trying to lose weight by using the latest diets found on the pages of popular magazines, seen on high-rated TV talk shows or even those on display on their local bookshop shelves. However most of these diets, popularly known as fad diets, fail to follow the recommended combination of reducing calorie intake and increasing caloric expenditure through physical activity for achieving long-term weight loss benefits.

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  • Facts About Fad Diets

    fats and the human body

    Americans are probably the most diet obsessed group of individuals who are so very willing to try the latest diet on the pages of their popular magazines, TV talk shows and even those on display on their local bookshop shelves. It is no wonder therefore that instead of people following the holistic recommendation of combining a reduction in caloric intake and engaging in physical activities, these latest diets seem to be more appealing and promises a “quick fix” to their weight problems. Read more…

  • The Importance of Breakfast in Weight Loss

    Family having breakfast

    A good percentage of the general public and even about 33 per cent of dieters feel that skipping breakfast will aid them in their weight loss efforts. However, the stark reality is that the opposite is actually the case as skipping breakfast tends to instead cause weight gain.

    Usually your metabolism is at its lowest in the morning just after waking up with a generally low glucose (blood sugar) level. Read more…