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  • Tips for Drinking More Water for Weight Loss Benefits

    tips for drinking more water for weight loss

    Water is arguably the most highly underrated and overlooked weight loss tool. The truth is that it is highly possible to achieve significant weight loss by drinking adequate amounts of water on a daily basis. However, many people today go around chronically dehydrated and feeling always tired, weak, and hungry.

    Beyond its role in general health and vitality, when you are trying to lose weight, providing your body with sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis not only plays a major role in helping you achieve your goal weight but is actually a must.

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  • Science Proves Water Does Aid Weight Loss

    science proves water aids weight loss

    Dietitians and nutritionists have over the years continually recommended that individuals, especially those who are on a weight loss program of diet and exercise should endeavor to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This water intake was mostly recommended to help individuals lose weight as water was believed to help in the suppression of appetite and increasing of body metabolism.

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  • Does Drinking Water Aid Weight Loss

    does drinking water aid weight loss

    Water is the very essence of life and while we are constantly being reminded to drink sufficient amount of water on a daily basis, many simply do not know why this suggestion is ever so often given. And when it comes to whether water does actually help with weight loss, the more unaware and confused people are about this phenomenon.

    The simple truth is that it is highly possible to achieve significant amount of weight loss by drinking water and in fact it is one of the most underrated howbeit Read more…

  • Lifestyle Tips for Better Sleep

    lifestyle tips for better sleep

    To lose weight has become the desire of most overweight people as well as those who want to stay fit and healthy. To achieve this objective, they get the best workout programs along with their preferred weight loss diet plan and the right supplements to use. Fully armed and ready to drop those excess pounds you’d say!

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  • How Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat

    how lack of sleep affects weight loss

    In today’s anxiety-filled, fast paced society of busy and overloaded schedules, it is no wonder that people have resorted to shortchanging themselves on the number of hours they spend sleeping. And this could equally be the reason why one-third of adults in the United States report of sleeping for less than seven hours per night. This development is however very disturbing as several recent studies have found that lack of sleep may actually be keeping individuals from losing weight.

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  • Tips to Naturally Curb Your Appetite

    natural ways to curb appetite

    Gaining weight is a very easy thing to do for a great majority of people. However, getting rid of the extra pounds is a different story altogether. For most people this is damn difficult to undertake and accomplish.

    A lot of weight gain is as a result of becoming sedentary with little or no exercise. However, engaging in unhealthy habits such as overeating and frequent snacking is the most common reason for weight gain. So, how can we reduce the tendency to always put something in our mouths?

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  • The Appetite Regulating Hormones

    appetite regulating hormone

    There are obviously many reasons that can be given as to why people become overweight but none of these reasons would be as strong as an individual’s tendency to overeat. One common trait exhibited by majority of overweight individuals is the fact that they have an uncontrollable appetite and food craving. While the general opinion for years has been that this propensity to indulge in overeating was because of a lack of will power, science is however now indicating that it may have more to do Read more…

  • Healthy Weight Loss Through High Fiber Diet

    using high fiber diets for weight loss

    A lot of people consume too little dietary fiber in their diets. Most of them feel that it may increase bloating and gas levels. These side effects may be true for some people but they usually subside. However, the overall health and weight loss benefits are far more all-encompassing.

    Eating fiber helps in detoxification, prevents bowel diseases and, normalizes the bowel. It also supports the maintenance of a healthy weight.

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  • Stress and Weight Loss

    stress and weight loss

    We encounter stress every day and they are just at about every turn you make whether you like it or not. We get stressed today from financial problems, looming deadlines, pressure at the workplace, as well as from emotional and personal issues relating to family and relationships.

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  • Does Alcohol Cause Weight Gain

    does alcohol cause weight gain

    Whether you are just having wine with dinner or drinks with friends at the local bar or social function, a lot of us just enjoy hanging out sipping on one alcoholic beverage or two. But is alcohol really all that bad and will it make you fat?

    There is no denying the fact that moderate consumption of alcohol has some health benefit there have been different claims by several studies often arguing Read more…