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  • 7 Tips to Easily Increase Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Fast

    7 tips to increase metabolism

    Losing excess body weight is something which everybody wants to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle but however is not an easy task to accomplish at it takes a lot of patience and personal determination. While there are arguably a lot of factors including diet and exercise that determine how fit and healthy an individual is, the true secret actually lie in increasing your body’s metabolic rate.

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  • Lifestyle Tips for Better Sleep

    lifestyle tips for better sleep

    To lose weight has become the desire of most overweight people as well as those who want to stay fit and healthy. To achieve this objective, they get the best workout programs along with their preferred weight loss diet plan and the right supplements to use. Fully armed and ready to drop those excess pounds you’d say!

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  • Lifestyle Habits to Boost Metabolism

    healthy lifestyle couples

    Most people who desire to lose weight are often in the habit of blaming their slow metabolism for their inability to lose the excess pounds. Others have equally resorted to quick weight loss solutions which experience has shown only offer temporary weight loss as with time the pounds gradually creep back again.

    However, understanding that while your metabolism plays a major role in your overall ability to effectively lose weight, it is something that is shaped over time mostly based on your lifestyle – the habits and activities you engage in. Read more…

  • Factors Affecting Metabolic Rate

    increasing resting metabolic rate

    Most people are fond of referring to either having a slow or a fast metabolism. This inference is often made to explain why some people find it very easy putting on weight but difficult losing the weight. While the fact remains that metabolism does affect a person’s ability to lose weight, there is more to it than meets the eye.

    Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories by means of continuously running chemical processes inside your body in order for it to stay alive and to function normally. Read more…

  • Facts About Resting Metabolic Rate

    facts about resting metabolic rate

    When it comes to losing weight, the fact is that most people focus more on their exercise and diet without taking into consideration a lot of other important factors that affect both of these weight loss components. To really be able to lose weight or build muscles, it is imperative to have a somewhat fair understanding about what metabolism and resting metabolism rate (RMR) are actually all about.

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