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  • Tips to Naturally Curb Your Appetite

    natural ways to curb appetite

    Gaining weight is a very easy thing to do for a great majority of people. However, getting rid of the extra pounds is a different story altogether. For most people this is damn difficult to undertake and accomplish.

    A lot of weight gain is as a result of becoming sedentary with little or no exercise. However, engaging in unhealthy habits such as overeating and frequent snacking is the most common reason for weight gain. So, how can we reduce the tendency to always put something in our mouths?

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  • The Appetite Regulating Hormones

    appetite regulating hormone

    There are obviously many reasons that can be given as to why people become overweight but none of these reasons would be as strong as an individual’s tendency to overeat. One common trait exhibited by majority of overweight individuals is the fact that they have an uncontrollable appetite and food craving. While the general opinion for years has been that this propensity to indulge in overeating was because of a lack of will power, science is however now indicating that it may have more to do Read more…

  • 6 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

    fun ways to stay in shape

    Are you tired of slogging miles upon miles on the gym treadmill? Working out to lose some extra pounds doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or tortuous. You can still get in great shape and look good if you can explore your environment and find some creative and exciting new ways to get in shape while still having some fun. Becoming creative and having some fun with your weight loss effort gives you a far better chance of succeeding.

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  • Stress and Weight Loss

    stress and weight loss

    We encounter stress every day and they are just at about every turn you make whether you like it or not. We get stressed today from financial problems, looming deadlines, pressure at the workplace, as well as from emotional and personal issues relating to family and relationships.

    A large majority of people especially in Western countries are literally living their lives from day to day with a high degree of stress, often without Read more…

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Blood Cholesterol Level

    maintaining healthy blood cholesterol level

    High cholesterol should become a health concern to be given serious consideration given recent epidemiologic data showing that half of the citizens of western industrialized countries, including the United States, have high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels, or better put, high levels of oxidized LDL "bad" cholesterol, is the single most important risk factor of developing atherosclerosis. Sadly, about half of all deaths in the U.S. are atherosclerosis related.

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  • Factors Influencing Cholesterol Levels

    maintaining healthy blood cholesterol level

    While a lot of people continue to vilify and misconstrue the role cholesterol plays in their overall health and simply associate it with fatty foods, there is however more than meets the eye about cholesterol. Most cholesterol for starters, is produced by the liver itself (about 75%) while the remaining (just 25%) come from your diet. At normal levels, cholesterols perform very significant roles in assisting body cells carry out their functions optimally.

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  • The Good and Bad Cholesterols

    good and bad blood cholesterol

    A lot of people initially pay little or no attention to high cholesterol levels and end up being thrown into a state of shock when diagnosed with high cholesterol. High cholesterol does not just develop overnight; it builds up over time and luckily can be controlled with good diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

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  • Fast Weight Loss Is More Water Than Fat

    quick weight loss is mostly water

    One interesting thing about most weight loss methods is the fact that they produce a rapid loss of weight in the first few days and weeks of use. This often makes dieters feel confident that they are at last on the right track and that they will be finally able to stick to the program and lose all the unwanted body weight. Howbeit, may people fail to realize that losing weight is actually easy, but that losing body fat is not at all that easy.

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  • Overcoming Emotional Eating Habits

    overcoming emotional eating habits

    A good majority of people consciously or unconsciously turn to food for comfort whenever they are undergoing any difficult or stressful situations. Thus, most people find themselves engaging in unhealthy eating habits at their weakest point emotionally.

    Emotional eating is therefore simply the tendency of an individual getting involved in unhealthy eating habits due mostly to the mood they are in at the moment. Read more…

  • Understanding Emotional Eating Habits

    understanding emotional eating habits

    A good majority of people at one time or the other have a strong and often uncontrollable desire for some particular food, such as a pizza or an ice cream. This is what is generally referred to as food craving – the desire for a particular food even when you are not hungry. This food craving essentially results into an individual impulsively overeating and most of the time on high-calorie, sweet, salty and fat-rich foods.

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