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  • How Being Optimistic Helps Weight Loss

    weight loss motivation

    Being optimistic in life and the confidence it creates is generally considered important because it creates and sustains the motivation needed to reach set goals. However, there is a new twist to this argument as to how being optimistic affects ones chances of effectively losing weight.

    Optimism has been shown by several researches to help individuals have stronger social relationships, lower rates of depression, reduce risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, become generally happier with life and have increased life span. With such remarkable effects, why then should being optimistic have any lesser effect on one’s weight loss efforts?

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  • Factors Affecting the Glycemic Index

    The Glycemic Index

    Carbohydrates are basically sugar and exist in your bloodstream as glucose which serves as the primary source of energy for the body. For the carbohydrates you eat to be used by your body they need to be transformed into energy fuel through digestion and absorption. After the carbohydrates are absorbed, they are further transported to the liver where they are converted into glucose before being released into the bloodstream. Read more…

  • Importance of the Glycemic Index in Weight Loss

    The Glycemic Index

    Carbohydrates are one of three macronutrients – the others being protein and fat – that provides the body with energy. To be able to make use of the energy contained in the carbohydrates, the body has to metabolize (break down) the carbohydrates into energy, water, and carbon dioxide. While the body makes use of the energy (measured in calories) and water from this process, it rids itself of the carbon dioxide. Read more…

  • The Health Risks of Excess Body Fat

    Lose Weight NowOne fact that cannot be denied today is the fact that most people’s motivation for losing weight is more related to improving their physical appearance than any other singular purpose. While this might be important, it is however more important to carefully consider the other benefits of weight loss achieved through proper nutrition and regular exercise. Read more…