weight loss patches

A "weight loss patch" or "diet patch" is basically a new and innovative small self-adhesive bandage-like substance placed on the skin that is supposed to assist in decreasing an individual’s appetite and also increasing his or her metabolism in order to reduce weight naturally. Generally, the ingredients used are in weight loss patches are made from 100% natural ingredients making them essentially harmless.

Also, unlike most diet pills which need to be taken several times a day, a weight loss patch only need a single daily application. It can be used pretty easily and with little or no discomfort whatsoever as all you need to do is affix it to your skin in the morning and leave it on for the rest of the day – making its effect available on a 24hr basis.

Weight lost patches essentially function in two basic ways. On the one hand, they help in the reduction of the amount of food intake as they practically suppress your appetite for food. A reduction in food intake directly translates into reduced calories automatically burning off excess body fat.

Then again, weight loss patches also help in the increase of body metabolism. This also helps in the burning off calories at an accelerated rate. This double-edged of reducing your appetite for food and drastically increasing your body metabolism make using weight loss patches a strategic method in weight reduction.

Pharmaceutical companies have over the years struggled with how to effectively get the effective ingredients in their medications into the body without them getting lost in the digestive process. In general, only about 5% of the most active ingredients in medications get into the blood stream as most are destroyed in the stomach and liver before ever reaching the bloodstream.

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Scientifically, certain drugs have been discovered that have the ability to penetrate the human skin through its capillary networks and equally remain effective at absorbed low doses. Basically these kind of drugs can be transdermally (through the skin) applied instead of being orally taken or injected. Patches are today a more preferred mode of medicine delivery mostly because they have controlled-release capability unlike oral intakes and injections.

Traditional medication applications deliver a high concentration of doses into the blood stream which soon wears off and drops to a very low level and thus requiring a re-intake of the medication to maintain its effectiveness in the body. On the other hand, the controlled-release capability of patches enable the delivery of medication into the blood stream at a constant and safe level.

Thus, the recent popularity and effectiveness of weight loss patches have gradually developed over the last few years owing to rapid advancements in the development of "transdermal technology" and its high success rate in other medical applications. Consequently, patches have been around for decades and have been successfully used in various medical application such as the nicotine transdermal patches(given to people trying to quit smoking), motion sickness treatment, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in diabetic patches.

However while there is a lot of promise about the effectiveness of weight loss patches, many so-called patches have failed to live up to expectation while others are simply just scams cashing in on its rising popularity and acclaimed effectiveness. Then again, most users are of the opinion that once applied, this supposed "miracle" patch will automatically help them get rid of their excess body weight while they virtually do nothing on their part.

The individual effectiveness of a weight loss patch essentially depends on what ingredients were used and method of preparation. Nonetheless, there are diet patches that are very effective.

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The chemical composition of most weight loss patches comprise of a combination of the following: Guarana (a metabolism-boosting stimulant); Chromium (for reducing appetite and regulating blood sugar levels); 5-HTP (a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and also increase metabolism), and Garcinia Cambogia (blocks absorption of carbohydrates).

Weight loss patches are no doubt a highly welcomed development in the slimming world especially for those who find it difficult taking tablet, detest the textures of shakes or who generally find it difficult remembering to take their medications as at when due.

Equally, weight loss patches are a great incentive for developing a healthier lifestyle for individuals who are finding it difficult controlling their appetite and the quantity of their meal sizes.

Also, like other weight loss medication and diet system, a weight loss patch will not cause you to shed pounds on its own. To get the best result from the use of weight loss patches, it is very important to maintain an healthy lifestyle (healthy diet and exercise plan) and to achieve maximum and lasting result.

With the use of weight loss patches, all you’ve have to do is to make sure that you engage in exercises that generally help you to keep fit without all the anxiety associated with training to lose weight entirely through exercising alone. Coupled with regular fitness exercise using a weight loss patch gives you a double-edged sword in your fight against excess body fat with fabulous results in little or no time.