appetite suppressant for weight loss

Being overweight can at times put a lot of pressure on ones emotions. It becomes worse when it appears you always hit a brick wall with every attempt you put into it.

Most overweight and obese individuals have several times fallen victims to one habit. This is the habit of eating huge portions at every sitting then snacking in-between meal.

The reality is that feeling hungry is what causes most people to indulge in overeating. This develops into the twin-evils of irresistible food cravings and frequent snacking.

People on low calorie diets naturally feel hungry. Battling with hunger pangs can become a big and annoying mountain to climb.

Hunger from either or both of the above scenarios can wreak havoc in your weight loss program. Focusing on an exercise program becomes difficult even for the most committed dieter.

These are the biggest problems keeping most people from achieving their weight loss goals.

A Promising Solution

Does the above situation describe your present weight loss dilemma? If yes, then there is a very promising way to get back on track on your healthy weight loss journey. This will help you to reduce or completely end those hunger pangs.

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I am talking about using an appetite suppressant. Doesn’t that sound obvious?

Yes, this will help you get your willpower back and also help you in developing new healthy eating habits.

Appetite suppressants are supplements to aid your weight loss efforts.

Appetite suppressing weight loss supplements generally work through one of three different ways.

  • First, they can do this by stimulating the part of the brain that makes you feel full or satiated.
  • They can also work by blocking the part of the brain that makes you crave after food.
  • The last way is by slowing the stomach from emptying consumed foods. This makes you feel fuller with smaller amounts of food.

Why do most people become frequently hungry?

Blood sugar levels decreases when a person’s stomach is empty. This alerts the hypothalamus. A low blood sugar level translates to a low serotonin level. This is what makes an individual to start feeling hungry.

The low blood sugar level in a sense is a stress signal to the brain. This indicates that the body is short of energy fuel and that it needs to refuel – that is to eat.

Hunger pangs are simply serotonin stimulating muscle contractions in the intestinal walls. The hypothalamus then induces you to eat to keep you from starving.

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A low serotonin level results in strong sugar cravings. The body interprets the hunger pangs as a stress signal.

In response to this flight-or-fight stimulus, the body prefers to use high glycemic index foods. High carbohydrate-containing foods are its preferred source of quick and available energy fuel.

The Risk of a Vicious Cycle

This is the point where most people start their journey to becoming overweight or obese.

Most people find themselves indulging in carbohydrate-rich foods to quench their hunger pangs. This has the effect of boosting their serotonin levels and improving their mood.

At this stage, there is the increased risk to develop a certain bad habit. This is the habit of eating carbohydrate-rich foods to improve mood swings caused by hunger pangs.

This is very counter-productive as the body will attempt to balance things out. It then creates an equal counteracting increase in counter-regulatory hormones such as insulin.

In response to the increased blood sugar levels, the pancreas secretes insulin. The insulin immediately starts the process of storing the excess sugar as fat in fat cells.

As a result of this, blood sugar levels dip once again. This way, a vicious cycle of overeating may develop. This continual rise and fall in blood sugar level is what we call a “sugar crash.”

Why you need an appetite suppressant!

Normally, after a healthy meal, the hypothalamus notices the increase in serotonin level. This makes the person to feel satiated and experiences a general mood improvement. But this is rarely the case with majority of dieters.

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Rather, it is more common to find people who fail in their dieting efforts by succumbing to binge eating. This is often because of the irritability and mood swings caused by the low serotonin levels.

So, this distorts their better judgment. In time, it reduces their will power to resist the temptation to overeat.

Thus, it’s reasonable and in fact best, to add an appetite suppressant to your weight loss program.

This will help you to achieve more effective results with your weight loss efforts. Most important of all, an appetite suppressant will help to reduce and also overcome the temptation to indulge.